Take Care of People

Take Care of People

We believe in caring for every pet we see like our own. But we believe in doing that for people, too. When you walk through our doors, your problems become our problems. And your goals become our goals. We take the time to get to know you. To understand you. To care for you like you deserve. Here, we make sure that questions never go unanswered and needs never go unmet. Because everything we do is about making a difference in your life.

Helping People Through Helping Pets

As always I have complete confidence in the doctors and staff at Gratiot Animal Hospital. They are friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I have been bringing my pets here since I moved to Saginaw in 1996. Dr. Gilbert is the best! And when I tell my dog she’s going to see Heather she jumps right in the car eager to go!


Want to thank Dr. Gilbert for making time to see my Baxter. As this is become no surprise to me after being a client of yours for over 25 years. The treatment she prescribed seems to be working , My boy is doing a lot better. When it comes to my fur babies i wouldn’t think of taking them any where else . keep up the good work.


I love our vet, we take all three of our fur babies here. They are very honest and get right to the point.