Dwight L McNally
Dwight L. McNally, DVM

After being raised in Bridgeport, Dr. McNally graduated from Michigan State University where he earned his DVM degree. He started at Gratiot Animal Hospital as an associate veterinarian before eventually becoming the practice owner.

In the second grade, Dr. McNally was assigned to write a paper about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He recalls accompanying his parents to take their dog to the local vet, and it was at that moment that he decided he wanted to be a veterinarian himself—he hasn’t looked back since then. As a lover of animals and the sciences, pursuing veterinary medicine was the perfect option.

Dr. McNally shares his home with a wonderful Golden Retriever named Graycie, who is quite the attention hog that loves her people and loves meeting anyone new. He also has an American Shorthair cat named Lily, whose main occupation is warming the sofa cushions. Lily of course loves her people as well, however she does so on her own terms.

In his limited free time, you can find Dr. McNally serving on the Michigan Board of Veterinary Medicine, being active in his church, serving as the co-chair of a major fundraising campaign for the local Lutheran high school, spending time with his family, traveling, running and playing the piano.

Dr. Sheryl Gilbert-McDonald, Associate DVM

Dr. Sheryl Gilbert-McDonald grew up in Zilwaukee with a variety of pets including a beloved pony named Peanut. As a child, she knew she wanted to be a veterinarian due to the many hours she spent playing, loving and caring for her pets. Her dream of returning to the area where she grew up came true when she graduated from the Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine before later joining the team at Gratiot Animal Hospital.

Dr. Gilbert-McDonald is a member of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, American Animal Hospital Association and the Human Animal Bond Association.

She currently lives with a bevy of animals including three house cats: Rocky, who uses her head as a pillow at night, Zephyr, who is a shy but sweet and loving cat and Cinder, a stray that was dropped off on the road in front of her house. She also has two barn cats: Jazz and Storm, who are mother and daughter! She is also looking to adopt a puppy in the near future, too!

In her free time, Dr. Gilbert-McDonald enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also enjoys working in her yard and is an avid photographer who enjoys taking pictures of family events, pets, wildlife and nature.

Dr. Sheryl A. Gilbert
Dr. Sheri Mayer
Dr. Sheri Mayer, Associate DVM

Dr. Sheri Mayer was born in Detroit but moved to Saginaw at a young age. She graduated from veterinary school at MSU, worked in Flint for a bit and then eventually returned to Saginaw to work with Gratiot Animal Hospital.

As a child, Dr. Mayer loved caring for animals and making sure they were always comfortable and happy. She also had a love for sports, and initially in college she wanted to become a Doctor of Sports Medicine. Her love for animals propelled her to change her program to veterinary medicine, and she has always been grateful for that change.

Dr. Mayer has had many different animals as pets over the years. Her current dog, Emmy, is named after one of her first patients from 1987, who was an aging Labrador Retriever. She also has several cats named Juniper (Junie), Fern and Poppy, who is a Doll-Faced Persian.

When Dr. Mayer isn’t working at the hospital, her favorite thing to do is play tennis. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, biking and spending time with her children whenever she can.

Dr. Ryan McNally, Associate DVM

Dr. Ryan McNally hails from Saginaw, where his dad (the other Dr. McNally) has been the owner of Gratiot Animal Hospital since before he could remember. In his youth, he gave himself the title of exterior maintenance engineer (bush trimmer, window washer, gutter cleaner, painter), and then later he worked part time at the hospital for several years before eventually working there after finishing veterinary school (MSU) in 2009.

Dr. Ryan loves animals in general, and he appreciates the opportunity to help foster happy and healthy bonds between people and their pets. He and his wife currently have two Bernese Mountain Dogs named Eliza and Hula, but it’s their 12-year old cat named Nemo who runs the show in their house.

In his free time, you can find Dr. Ryan traveling with his family, fishing, playing golf, hitting up the occasional craft brewery and enjoying all things related to MSU sports.

Dr. Ryan McNally
Dr. Bailey Mielke
Dr. Bailey Mielke, Associate DVM

Dr. Bailey Mielke is a Saginaw native, graduating from Hemlock High School. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Science degree from Saginaw Valley State University before attending Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her clinical year at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in May 2019. She works with small animals only and her areas of interest include emergency medicine, surgery, and preventative healthcare. She believes the human-animal bond is one unlike any other and enjoys providing excellent healthcare to her clients and patients.

Dr. Mielke resides in Saginaw with her two dogs, Zoey, an island rescue and a Pomeranian named Primrose. In her free time, Bailey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, running, volunteering, and DIY projects.