Amy Fath, Office Manager

Amy grew up in Whitmore Lake but now lives in St. Charles. She attended Baker College in Owosso for business management and Baker College in Flint for veterinary technology. Growing up, she was raised in a hunting family, so she was surrounded by Beagles, Labradors, German Shorthaired Pointers and an Irish Setter. She knew she always wanted to work with animals, which led her to us at Gratiot Animal Hospital.

Amy currently has seven (yes, seven!) dogs and a very large orange tiger cat named Henry (who thinks he’s a dog, but no one has had the heart to tell him otherwise). Of the seven dogs, six of them are labs (Ellie, Palin, Bodie, Ben, River, and Charlotte) and one is a Maltese/Poodle mix named Benji, who has a huge heart and personality for a 13-pound dog.

In her free time, Amy loves winter and the snow and especially likes the U.P. and Alaska, which are two of her favorite places to visit. She is also a HUGE Red Wings fan and loves to spend time with her husband, their five children, and their granddaughter.

Heather Boyer, LVT

Heather grew up in Saginaw and attended Cedar Valley College. She always had an interest in medicine and love for animals, so working at our hospital was a natural career choice for her.

Heather shares her home with two cats, Carl and Leo, who were both strays. Carl enjoys playing fetch and is never shy about letting it be known that his food bowl is empty. Leo is quite the front door greeter and is always following big brother Carl around.

When Heather isn’t working at the hospital, she enjoys running, traveling, cooking and spending time with her friends and family.

Sam McGeathy, LVT

Sam grew up in Auburn but now currently resides in Hemlock—she attended Baker College of Flint for her degree. As someone who always loved caring for animals and who grew up working for her family’s pet-sitting business, working at our hospital was a natural move for her.

Sam’s current pets include Lacey (AKA Boogie), a 10-year old Yorkshire Terrier, who is small but makes for quite the awesome farm dog. You can find her always going on adventures through the woods and taking the occasional tractor ride. She also has two seven-year-old DSHs, Haybale and Woodchip, who are sisters that love picking on Lacey.

In her free time, Sam enjoys hunting, being in the outdoors, helping with the farm and doing all sorts of crafting activities.

Ashley Samuel, LVT

Ashley hails from Freeland and grew up on a farm where she was constantly caring for animals. After high school, she worked as a veterinary assistant for five years, which propelled her to further pursue a career in the industry. From there, she attended Baker College of Port Huron and eventually became licensed as a vet tech in 2015.

Ashley’s pets include:

  • Roxie, a Boston Terrier who is quite the squirrel chaser and chicken coop raider
  • Marley, another Boston Terrier who excels at cuddles and sun bathing
  • Louie, a French Bulldog who has overcome health problems and blossomed into a dog with a cute, unique face
  • Morey and Ella who are two DLH siblings who were found as kittens but now are part of Ashley’s pack
  • Various chickens who always provide eggs
  • Chase, a Palomino Gelding
  • And Bob, a donkey who is the Christmas Donkey at Leaman’s Green Applebarn!

When Ashley’s not at work, she enjoys being outdoors, four-wheeling, camping, fishing, gardening, horseback riding and crafting.

Courtney Graebner, LVT

Originally from Houston, Texas, Courtney’s family relocated to Saginaw where she spent the majority of her life. She came to Gratiot Animal Hospital after coming home for the summer the year after she graduated MSU, where she earned a bachelor’s in animal science. She then took online courses at Dallas County Community College District to obtain her vet tech license.

Courtney currently lives with a cat named Kahlua, who takes turns cuddling with all her children and who is very patient with all of them. In her free time, you can find Courtney exercising, crafting and hanging out with her friends and family, with her kids being especially busy with sports and activities.

Angie Mossner, Client Care Representative

Angie has lived in Saginaw her entire life and ended up with us at the hospital after answering a local ad for a receptionist. The rest is history! As someone who always had a love for animals, she remembers even playing “veterinarian” as a young child.

Angie has a boxer named Maggie, who she recently acquired last Christmas. They are still learning each other’s quirks, but Maggie is definitely a lover who is a cuddle monster.

When Angie isn’t working at the hospital, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, camping and in the winter, staying in to read or watch movies.

Kristen Young, Veterinary Assistant

Kristen has lived in Freeland her entire life, and her parents have even been taking all their animals to Gratiot Animal Hospital for over 25 years. She ended up working here because she enjoyed the friendly and caring staff, and Dr. Gilbert personally asked her if she wanted to apply so she eagerly did and eventually joined the team.

Currently, Kristen is a junior at SVSU and plans to apply to the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program in the fall of 2019. Of course, Kristen is an animal lover because they are such loyal companions who bring nothing but joy to all of our everyday lives.

Currently, she has two pets at home: a golden retriever/chow named Brandy, who is all about bananas, apples and strawberries; and Bella, a Yorkie/bichon who loves playing ball and chasing squirrels and is always ready when it comes time for bed.

In her free time, Kristen enjoys the summer and going on nature walks to look for wildlife. She loves being outside and during the winter, tries to read as much as she can when she’s not studying for exams.

Stacie Meter, Veterinary Assistant

Stacie graduated from Michigan State University, then ventured down to Virginia to work for a bit before eventually returning to Saginaw when she saw a job ad at our hospital—the rest is history.

An important time in her life was in the second grade, where her teacher’s father was a vet. This meant that their classroom had many different animals, and that’s where she learned what exactly a veterinarian does. She’s always had pets and growing up she used to help her older brother with his paper route and fondly recalls seeing all the neighborhood dogs.

Currently, Stacie has two pets: a cat named snowball who acts like a dog, and Bunny, who is in fact a dog (named after Laura Ingalls Wilder’s horse) whose purpose in life is to retrieve tennis balls.

In her free time, Stacie likes to nap with her animals and travel with her huband. She also keeps busy with four beautiful step daughters and five active step grandchildren.

Jessie Oesterreicher, Veterinary/Kennel Assistant

Originally from Chesaning, Jessie currently attends Saginaw Valley State University and wanted to work at Gratiot Animal Hospital to prepare herself for vet school—our friendly atmosphere and preeminent doctors were also a big draw, too!

Jessie spent her whole life on a farm with horses, cattle, chickens, cats, dogs and a bunny. There wasn’t one defining moment where she developed a passion for animal care, rather, it was always a part of her life and a part of who she is. She states that “my whole life revolves around making sure animals under my care are provided with the best care possible.”

Jessie’s current pets include a Border Collie named Chief who loves frisbees, run agility, herding horses and swimming. She also has three AQHA-registered show horses named Zippy, Bloomer, and Dirk.

When she has free time, Jessie enjoys competing at horse shows, training Chief on an agility course, going to the dunes and training horses. She also owns an equestrian facility with her sister called Oesterreicher Equine Services where they train horses, has a boarding facility and offer riding lessons and hoof trimming.