Dr. Sheri Mayer, Associate DVM

Dr. Sheri Mayer

Dr. Sheri Mayer, Associate DVM

Dr. Sheri Mayer was born in Detroit but moved to Saginaw at a young age. She graduated from veterinary school at MSU, worked in Flint for a bit and then eventually returned to Saginaw to work with Gratiot Animal Hospital.

As a child, Dr. Mayer loved caring for animals and making sure they were always comfortable and happy. She also had a love for sports, and initially, in college, she wanted to become a Doctor of Sports Medicine. Her love for animals propelled her to change her program to veterinary medicine, and she has always been grateful for that change.

Dr. Mayer has had many different animals as pets over the years. Her current dog, Emmy, is named after one of her first patients from 1987, who was an aging Labrador Retriever. She also has several cats named Juniper (Junie), Fern and Poppy, who is a Doll-Faced Persian.

When Dr. Mayer isn’t working at the hospital, her favorite thing to do is play tennis. She also enjoys reading, watching movies, biking and spending time with her children whenever she can.