Sam McGeathy, LVT

Sam McGeathy, LVT

Sam grew up in Auburn but now currently resides in Hemlock—she attended Baker College of Flint for her degree. As someone who always loved caring for animals and who grew up working for her family’s pet-sitting business, working at our hospital was a natural move for her.

Sam’s current pets include Lacey (AKA Boogie), a 10-year old Yorkshire Terrier, who is small but makes for quite the awesome farm dog. You can find her always going on adventures through the woods and taking the occasional tractor ride. She also has two seven-year-old DSHs, Haybale and Woodchip, who are sisters that love picking on Lacey.

In her free time, Sam enjoys hunting, being in the outdoors, helping with the farm and doing all sorts of crafting activities.

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